The Common Myths of Consuming HIgh Protein

There are many common myths when it comes to protein. You just have to learn what protein is all about. For most bodybuilders or fitness professionals, they would know what protein is about. But if you are just a regular person who does not have an interest in a healthy lifestyle, you won’t even care about protein stuff.

Take a look at these common myths:

There’s never enough protein

This is not the case for some people. You might have to make sure that you don’t really exceed the protein intake daily. For some, you can eat a lot of protein but sometimes you might exceed and it may or may not affect your body.

Protein Shakes The Best

Though you can drink protein shakes as a substitute for protein, it’s not good to replace it all the time with protein powder. It is still better to take protein naturally compared to making a protein powder every day.

Protein Bars Are Great

People think that protein bars should completely substitute your protein meals. That’s not the case though, as you have to make sure that you eat proper nutritious protein meals as well. Don’t shy away from natural protein and always eating protein snacks and bars as a substitute.

To make things short, there are pros and cons for eating high amounts of protein. You have to make the effort and find out why you should consider consuming high protein. Make sure you know that consuming meals that are high in protein is something that will not be harmful to your health. You can get any frozen meat Singapore to fulfill your protein needs. Aside from actual meat, you can also consider whey protein as a substitute as well, though you shouldn’t use whey protein as a complete substitute. It’s always better to consume real whole unprocessed food. So contact any wholesale frozen food supplier Singapore today.

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E-A-T for your SEO

SEO experts around the world, including SEO Malaysia, compete on ensuring their sites appear at the top pages of search engine. In boosting your site’s SEO, you need to understand about E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. What are they, and how are they useful for SEO purpose?

E-A-T is used by Google to measure how much should it trust a brand or website. As Google would want to provide the best sites on its search engine result, it would want to only promote trusted websites. So let’s get more detail on each one of them.

  • Expertise

You are considered as an expert if you have a deep knowledge about your field of services or products. You should be able to demonstrate your expertise in your field so that it matches or even better, exceeds your competitors.

  • Authority

Although it might have similar meaning with expertise, authority means that your brand or website has the authority to give people the answer they are looking for. People are not only looking for sites with expertise to explain what they are looking for, but they would want the best site to go to among other sites.

  • Trustworthiness

Google measures the trustworthiness by measuring the amount of trust (back links) from other domains to your domain. The higher the amount and the quality of other domains that link your domain from their domains, Google would see your site as more trustworthy. Google is still learning on how to best measure the level of trustworthiness, therefore the algorithm behind is still changing. SEO experts should be aware of the latest update from Google regarding the logic changes.

SEO Malaysia keeps improving the E-A-T of their clients’ site through various methods. Keep in mind that the goal of improving the E-A-T is not simply to be promoted by Google, but to improve the trust from your target audience, so that you sales and revenue can be increased.

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